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There are different out-of-court settlement options when it comes to divorce disputes. One of these is the collaborative divorce process. The Art of Living Alliance helps spouses through the collaborative divorce process to facilitate a conversation and resolve all disputes on both ends.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce process is an alternative dispute resolution approach to divorce. The process offers a separating couple an avenue to discuss, negotiate, and settle disputes cooperatively utilizing the team of specially trained and certified professionals.

Asides from eliminating the rigor of a court-room battle, the Collaborative Divorce process allows both parties to find solutions that satisfy their individual and combined interests. Settling your divorce collaboratively is not only quicker but also less costly compared to litigation.

You also get to enjoy more privacy of resolving disputes together, instead of tabling your personal matters to the public in court. Do you need an expert representation for your collaborative divorce process? The Art of Living Alliance offers excellent representation and support throughout your Collaborative Divorce process.

We present our clients with various options and solutions and help them choose which is best for them.

How does Collaborative Divorce work?

The first step in the Collaborative Divorce process for divorcing spouses is to confirm their readiness to negotiate and resolve their disputes through the collaborative approach.

Through the Collaborative Divorce process the parties can achieve the needs and goals based solutions, which can only be accomplished by their willingness and commitment to fully participate in this approach. This process promotes honesty, self-reliance, respect, and empowerment. The process of Collaborative Divorce is based on cooperative problem solving, and is managed by the professional team consisting of attorneys, financial neutral, divorce coaches, and child specialist, who function as one unit.

Each spouse is represented by an attorney, who acts as an advocate and an educator, and other members of the team, - financial specialist, child specialist and divorce coach, function as a neutral third party. It is important to work with the professionals experienced and specifically trained in Collaborative Divorce.

Each spouse must actively participate and communicate and discuss their needs, goals and interests with their collaborative divorce team. For instance, how do you want the debts and assets divided, how to handle custody and parenting concerns, how to provide support for the minor children, among other vital issues.

Each spouse is expected to voluntarily disclose to their spouse every relevant information to ensure transparency in negotiations. These may include assets and debts documents, employment and salary information, and tax returns, among others.

The collaborative divorce process ends with the negotiated agreement, which reflects all terms of the settlement satisfactory to both parties.

Why Should you Choose a Collaborative Divorce process?

The ultimate decision to choose a Collaborative Divorce depends on the conviction of each spouse, their willingness and readiness to negotiate, and their ability to collaborate.

Provided you and your partner are willing to let go of your differences and rationally discuss how to proceed with the divorce, a Collaborative Divorce process is right for you. It helps save time and money while protecting you from the mess and stress of court litigations.

Hire a trusted Collaborative Divorce professional

Hiring the right Collaborative Divorcee professional team is crucial to having a successful collaborative divorce process. At The Art of Living Alliance, our team will focus on helping you solve the divorce problems through the Collaborative Divorce process, jointly and prevent a costly court battle.

Leveraging our substantial experience, we have helped several clients over the years to achieve out-of-court settlements, which are fair, meet their needs and often exceed their expectations. Check out our comprehensive list of Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce services and how we can help you.

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