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Divorce is a critical financial event. Divorcing spouses are faced with several crucial financial decisions. When such decisions are made by or left to chance, it may lead to poor financial results that may last for years. Financial coaching will help to avoid this.

Financial coaching in divorce helps minimize the adverse financial effects of the divorce process. With proper help from your financial coach, individuals can reduce or even eliminate the unproductive habits and expedite the financial recovery for each of the parties involved. Our financial coaches will work with you before, during and after the divorce process. Financial conversations between spouses could be very challenging and intimidating, our financial coaches will work with couples to provide a pathway to maintain a healthy relationship and even avoid the divorce from entering their lives.

Financial Coaching empowers and provides individuals with tools necessary to achieve financial freedom.

Do you need the help of a top Chicago Financial Coaching in Divorce? Feel free to reach out to us at The Art of Living Alliance. We are always ready to help you achieve financial success in your divorce process.

How Does Financial Coaching In Divorce Work?

Participants in a divorce process are most likely to make poor financial decisions, considering the constant stressful and emotional state they find themselves in. One of the adverse effects of divorce is the financial impact on the individuals for a long time after the conclusion of the divorce.

In financial coaching, the first step is to set clear and realistic goals based on the effective financial management before, during and after the divorce process, the costs involved, and how to achieve realistic financial security benchmarks.

Financial coaching in divorce can either be individual coaching or coaching both spouses together. The chosen approach depends on the preferences of the parties involved. But coaching involving the two parties is usually the most effective approach, especially when substantial and immediate financial results are the priority.

Financial coaching started as a couple may transition into individual sessions over time. In the long run, each spouse may foster a personal adviser relationship to achieve an effective transition into their new phase of life. Likewise, individual coaching may transition into couples coaching if both spouses consent to the same.

The process of financial coaching in divorce focuses on the best steps and decisions for the financial future of the spouses. The financial coach will attempt to distinguish the financial issues from other matters to arrive at the best financial outcome.

Lastly, the process is entirely confidential and bounded the strict standards of conduct. The coach ensures a clear disclosure when dealing with both spouses, such that the coaching engagement does not create a conflict of interest between both parties.

When Should You Start Your Financial Coaching In Divorce?

It is never too early to start your financial coaching process. Contrary to popular view, you do not have to wait until a formal divorce process to start financial coaching. You can start as soon as you sense financial stress in the marriage.

Couples often blend their financial coaching with marital therapy – a very productive move. Whenever you are ready to start your financial coaching process, reach out to our expert financial coaches at The Art of Living Alliance. We are always prepared to help.

Professional Financial Coaches In Divorce You Can Trust

We all want to get through the divorce process with minimal or damage whatsoever. Financial coaching will help you in the course of your divorce and when forging ahead into a new phase of your life. It will also minimize the effects of divorce on the children and family members.

Our financial coaches in divorce at The Art of Living Alliance are always on the ground to help you. Once we have listened to your needs and assessed the situation, we offer you the best financial advice and recommendations to suit your needs. We are committed to helping you get the best out of your divorce process financially.

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