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When it comes to conflict in Divorce, litigation is not always the best option for couples looking to separate, especially when they are willing to work with each other and create the solutions to resolve their differences. This is where Divorce Mediation comes in.

Unlike the protracted and vicious court battle that comes with divorce litigation, the process of divorce mediation is better suited for a fair and less confrontational resolution, which is based on the individual needs and goals. The amicable settlement will not only save you and your spouse time but also help you save considerable expenses associated with going through tedious litigation leading up to trial.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where an impartial or neutral mediator guides spouses through their settlement efforts. The ultimate aim of divorce mediation is to help spouses reach an agreement favorable to both parties, especially when children are involved.

The two primary players in divorce mediation are the mediator and the spouse(s). The mediator advocates for neither of the spouses – instead, they help facilitate needs based negotiations that end in a mutually agreeable settlement.

Divorce mediation is an effective approach if you want to avoid the heartache and hostility that often comes with divorce. It is less contentious, faster, and more cost-effective than courtroom litigation.

Why choose to work with the Divorce Mediator?

Working with an expert Chicago Divorce Mediator can offer spouses a more amicable means of separating. But that is not all – divorce mediation also offers the following benefits:

It is faster.

Ending a marriage is not an easy process, which spouses enjoy. It is only normal that both parties want to get through it as soon as possible. Divorce mediation ensures that spouses are not left at the mercy of the court’s schedule, or someone else making pivotal life decisions on their behalf. Instead, the parties each have their own voice, where they can clearly express their needs, goals and concerns. Working with the divorce mediator can achieve the needed results in a short period of time, even in a few sessions.

It is more cost-effective.

Court litigation comes with huge costs, emotionally and financially – the more litigation appearances, the contentious nature of the process creates the higher legal fees. On the other hand, mediation offers means to reach an agreement on all important issues much quicker and avoiding unnecessary trips to court . This ultimately helps to reduce cost.

It is flexible.

Divorce mediation is designed to ensure both parties get a divorce settlement they are both pleased with. This is achieved by employing creative and workable solutions that a judge won’t offer. To offer flexibility to all involved parties, and when spouses are not available for in-person sessions, divorce mediation can still hold in virtual sessions online via Zoom.

It is confidential.

The public will most likely learn about your failed marriage during the divorce litigation process. Most separating couples do not want this. Conversely, divorce mediation keeps these details private, ensuring your business stays between you and your mediator.

It helps with child custody and future co-parenting.

Divorce mediation offers both parties ability to express their parenting concerns, which may include the decision making and the allocation of parental responsibilities, child support and other financial matters related to the children, and allocation of parenting time. The openness and inclusiveness of the divorce mediation process ensures that everyone’s needs and concerns are well-considered, and children's needs and interests are put at the forefront of all matters.

In-Person and Virtual Divorce Mediation Services in Chicagoland

Are you looking to consult a Divorce Mediation Expert in Chicagoland? The Art of Living Alliance is here to help. We believe you and your spouse do not have to experience the emotional stress and trauma often associated with the divorce.

Our divorce mediation services are available nationwide to couples, either in person or virtually. So, even if you are not chanced to show up physically at one of our Illinois offices, we can arrange online sessions to discuss and work towards a favorable resolution between you and your spouse.

The entire process is designed to reduce divorce-related stress for both spouses and the children (if any), often associated with the courtroom. We work with our clients’ needs and customized divorce terms and time frame, ensuring transparency throughout the entire process.

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