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Financial analysis is a crucial aspect of the separation process for couples. You and your spouse face uncertainty and stress when it comes to your financial future after divorce.

There are many crucial financial considerations and decisions to make. These decisions will ultimately impact long after the divorce process is over. Financial mistakes made during the divorce process can lead to financial hardship for you and your spouse, and your children.

What is Divorce Financial Analysis?

Divorce financial analysis is a step-by-step assessment of the effects of a possible divorce settlement on the current and future finances of the parties involved. Effective Financial Analysis offers both parties a clear view of their financial future. It addresses each party’s financial needs and goals ensuring successful and fair legal settlement.

A Divorce Financial Analyst helps couples with divorce financial analysis. Such a professional is formally trained to help couples with their financial analysis during the divorce process.

Why hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)?

A lot of financial negotiations are involved during settlement. As important as these negotiations are, it is not easy to navigate them singlehandedly. To avoid major financial pitfalls, couples in a divorce settlement process must make the right financial decisions – decisions that take care of immediate family needs, as well as retirement needs.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) offers professional financial guidance before, during, and after the divorce process to spouses, their attorneys, and/or mediators. They offer in-depth explanations of the financial aspects of your pending decisions.

The experience and education of a CDFA position them to predict the long-term effects of a divorce settlement. Rather than bank on the short-term snapshot, you can work with the long-term forecasts from your analyst and make the right decisions. You can also trust your CDFA to offer you alternative settlement options that improve your financial future and settlement.

Here are some of the questions your CDFA helps you find answers to:

  • How much is the net worth of the family?
  • How much money you need to maintain your lifestyle?
  • How much money your children need to live on?
  • How to determine your current financial situation and that of the family?
  • How to account for all the marital property?
  • How to divide the marital property equitably?
  • How to divide the marital debt?
  • How to analyze financial reports from other financial experts?
  • And more...

Hire a Chicago Certified Divorce Financial Analyst You Can Trust

The task of finding a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) you can trust in and around Chicago can be daunting. But your search ends here with The Art of Living Alliance. We offer you access to a certified specialist in divorce financial issues to help you navigate the financial aspects of your settlement.

By working with us, we leverage our years of experience solving family financial issues to help you understand and evaluate the important issues that are part of a couple’s finances. Our expertise covers a wide range of divorce financial analysis issues, including differentiating between marital property and personal property, evaluating the family’s lifestyle cost, bank accounts, marital home, pension or retirement plans, investments, and more.

Our financial divorce analysis ensures a promising, stable economic future for our clients while preventing long-term regret that comes with the wrong financial decisions during the settlement process. We factor in necessary expenses like life insurance, health insurance, and the possible increase in living costs when helping our clients agree to a final financial settlement.

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